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Use our Automatised Trading System
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to get the most of the market.


ATS Standard

ATS Standard

Sustainable growth


ATS Crypto

ATS Crypto

Maximalized profit


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If you invested 100.000 € three months ago, this would be your profit now.

What is ATS?

(Automated Trading Systems)

Automated Trading Systems  are computer programs that can automatically trade online with any strategy you define as an individual trader. ATS is created by converting your basic trading rules into codes that your computer can understand and run those rules through your trading platform.

How it works?

Open your Advantage account

Just open your personal Advantage trading account, choose and download one of our ATS online trading accounts and you can immediately start your own profitable online trading.

Choose your trading account

Choose one of our ATS accounts and just wait for the profit, while our sophisticated automated systems will do the math and invest. Or choose to be an individual trader and use one of the most popular trading platform MetaTrader4.

Invest and earn money

Our ATS can scan, execute and monitor trades. Your investments are resulting in potentially faster, more reliable and profitable order entries. Invest your money and achieve sustainable profitability.

Why choose us?


Hundreds of financial instruments



Trading in compliance with Sharia law

Video tutorials

The Advantage Islamic account is designed for traders who cannot pay or receive swaps due to religious reasons. The trading account is compatible with Sharia law and enables traders to take advantage of Advantage`s high-end trading technology and liquidity. If you’re Muslim, we know your faith prohibits you from earning or paying interest. That’s why our Islamic account has no commissions, interest charges or interest payments. Your trading possibilities and potential with such kind of an account is fully compliant with Sharia Law. It is free of all commissions, interest charges or payments and free of all rollover charges or credits on positions held overnight.


ATS is an online trading method saves me hours. I do not need to watch the market, specific moves on my online trading platform, and look for the right trade signal.

Nazim M. H.
CEO, Automotive industry

Individuals trading under Islamic trading conditions may hold positions open for an indefinite amount of time, without accruing any interests or commissions.

Yazid S. H.
Foreign Exchange Expert

I always wanted to know how could I get to the higher league of trading. I have lost my initial deposit several times due to mistakes I observed late. With ATS Standard I am no longer fussy about my decisions. My only objective is to check my trading account from time to time and count the profit. Thank you!

Anupam N, Punjab
IT Company Owner

It is clear that ATS saves you time and is completely deprived of human psyche and emotions.

Taysir A. S.
Marketing Advisor
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